Rank Master Guardian
Species Human
Gender Male
Master Vetso (previous), Milamber
Teacher Yukki (Djem-So)
Padawans Bilbo, Toast, Awesis (left)
Students None
Joined Somewhere in December of 2015.
Jedi Path Jedi Guardian

Biography Edit

SkullCruncher is rather well known for his constant laming and arguing throughout his Adept days, but, ever since he was denied from the Council to join Jedi of Freedom, he admitted his mistakes and started over again to prove his worth, and by doing so he truly did. Today he is loved by many members, even by those that didn't like him before, since he changed his behaviour from bad and arrogant to good and friendly. He is a mapper with many upcoming projects that others will be able to look at and play on, he also has pretty good experience when it comes to working with player skins, he achieved that by being guided by Milamber his current Master. Started from nothing, and he's a Jedi Master now, he was also bragged by several members for having an impact to the Jedi of Freedom, which is rather amazing then great for hearing such thoughts.

Form Learning and Mastery Edit

SkullCruncher is currently adapting the Djem-So form, the 5th form out of 7 forms used in Jedi of Freedom. He is being trained under Yukki, and has a level 3.5 / 7.

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