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Biography Edit

Here goes a description of the member.

Form Learning and Mastery Edit

Here goes a description of the forms the member is studying, if any.

Ranking Progress Edit

Here goes a visual representation of the ranking history and progress of the member. Also, please add a description of why the member was awarded the promotion/demotion including by who it was awarded and what for.

Awards and Achievements Edit

Here goes a list of awards and achievements that the member has been awarded.

Quotes Edit

Here goes a list of quotes about the member written by clan members.

"I swore i'd never join JoF... then Rotkind happened" - Random adept

"So i was listening into a random coversation Rotkind and someone else was having, in a fit of stupidity i said this...

Your horses suck rotkind and i hope they all turn into goats!

Troll204543 was kicked

{JoF}Rotkind{JM}: No one talks shit about my horses. " - Troll204543

''Heya darling, why don't you tell our audience what's on today's menu?'' ~ General Grievous

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