Born on the planet of autsimo, in the faraway system known as Someone End My Suffering-X2. Doge was born in a stable because there was no room in the city. He was laid in a crib and he was brought Memes, Adderall, and pure skill by the three fucking faggots.

One day while pretending to have friends Doge found JoF and tried to join them but realized that everyone is a gay fucking cunt and should die Aloha Snackbar, he joined {{S}} and instantly his potential was recognized which is why he is now the Emperor, Master pimp, Supreme artist and huge faggot of the clan.

Soon he met a lonely 67 year old dude living in his cellar called Aldro Koon who pretends to be 23 but actually just wants people to trust him so he can kidnap them and take their anal virginity. Doge, being the grand master that he is, defeated the evil being and restored peace between Family Guy and The Simpons

Now, Doge is living a peaceful life where he is dealing with cancer aka JoF members daily and contemplates suicide every waking moment

End me