Rank Padawan
Species Human
Gender Male
Master Vayne
Joined 07.01.2017
Jedi Path Guardian

Biography Edit

Creo was born on the cold planet Ruusan. In young age he was noticed by jedi Dorvsky, his first teacher and mentor in the world of force. Right after Creo has learned the very basics of single lightsaber, he was sadly left with no choice, but leaving Ruusan because of the tyrannical clan Illuminati gaining its power. He has found his new home on the planet Mortis, where he has met the legendary yellow stance user Rhodes. Inspired by him, Creo decided to learn half staff by ASD and Goinz. But everything changed, when Creo has met ones of the strongest singlers on Mortis: Billy D, Starty and Shake. Their amazing fighting styles inspired him to continue learning single, this time by Billy D and Snipe, who was also his master in EK clan. 

At some point Creo has felt, that he should continue his journey and started travelling from planet to planet, teaching younglings. At the same time he was searching for new teachers, new sources of inspiration and for a place, where his non switching style wouldn't be something special. He has found it on the forest planet Devaron in his new home JoF.

Form Learning and Mastery Edit

Ranking Progress Edit

07. 01. 2017. - Initiate

22. 01. 2017. - Padawan

05.02.2017 - Jedi

19.02.2017 - Jedi Knight

05.03.2017 - Jedi Guardian

Awards and Achievements Edit

Evaluator - Level 1



I teach beginners